The joy, pain and gratitude of concerts

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The joy, pain and gratitude of concerts

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By Desirée Botha

There are some surprising words that bring fear to the hearts of all those who have children; school concerts.

My nephew is preparing for his first concert; he is in Grade 2. My niece, being in Gr R, doesn’t get to participate this year. She is a little sad but at the same time, super excited to see her brother perform.

Us grownups can’t wait to watch him either. We have all bought our tickets and are ready to go. But as much as we know that our little boy will steal the show, there still remains that little bit of worry. What if something goes wrong? What if he gets scared on stage? What if the experience scars him for life?

His costume gets made and we help in making some of the other children’s costumes too. He starts to tell us all about their act and what they will do. Then he stops. He mysteriously tells us that he wants to keep it a surprise for us. He is so excited and he has all the confidence in the world.

The day of the concert arrives and I go to meet my sister and her family at their home before heading off to the school.  I walk in on my niece teasing her brother. She keeps asking if he isn’t scared and what if he makes a huge mistake when all the people can see him. Luckily he doesn’t allow her to make him nervous. She would have kept on teasing him but I tell her to stop. She gives me a cheeky grin and I can’t help but smile. A baby sister’s job is, after all, to be a bit of a pest.

It’s time and we are ready to go. My sister whisper’s to me that she is so nervous she is nauseous. I whisper back to not let him see that. My parents meet us at the school and we all wave goodbye to our little star as he joins his class. My niece suddenly gets all emotional, saying she hopes he will be fine. We laugh and assure her he will be. It will all be fun; we hope.

The concert is awesome. The children are all so cute. It is a very special moment when my nephew comes onto the stage. You can see him looking for us in the crowd and when he spots us, he performs extra hard to impress us. He does so well. In our hearts we all know he is the star of the whole concert. Of course all the other families probably feel the same way. But to us, it’s him.

I wipe away a few tears from my eyes and see other family members do the same. For the rest of the concert, we can sit back and relax. All our nerves are gone now and we can enjoy the show.

Afterwards, he comes running up to us and tells us how much fun that was. Then he says “Thanks for coming.”

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My sister says how relieved she is. That she can finally be able to sleep at night.

I think of all my school concerts and remember my family and especially both sets of grandparents being there and how much I appreciated it. I can honestly tell my nephew that I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

To all those family members who show up to support a child’s performance or any other special moment at school, thank you. Thank you; Mamas, Babas, aunties, uncles, cousins, grandparents, nieces, nephews, neighbours and friends. Thank you.