Abstract   Opening up space for authentic inquiry in preschool can influence the extent to which children can make use of their growing mathematical and linguistic understandings to make sense of themselves and the world around them. Authentic inquiry here refers to investigation that arises naturally from the interests and questions of the children as

Three steps forward… Six steps back….   Educational change in the ‘new’ South Africa since 1994 has been characterised by progressive policy shifts, particularly in the area of language. The 1996 constitution gives official status to eleven languages, explicitly promotes multilingualism, the development of the African languages and states that languages should be viewed as

This is an overview of the Early Childhood Development development research initiative carried out by the PRAESA in a mixed language class of young Xhosa, English and Afrikaans mother tongue speaking children. The initiative has involved an attempt to demonstrate strategies that address how teaching and learning can be effective in multilingual classrooms.   Abstract

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This paper focuses on the dearth of teaching and learning materials in African languages required to deliver effective bilingual education, and on the potential role of translation in offering solutions for this problem. The paper concludes by considering the tendency to translate mainly into the larger, more commercially viable languages, together with suggestions for ways


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By: Department of Social Development and Unicef This training package was developed to enable trainers to train parents/caregivers who take care of babies and young children from birth to five years old. It is acknowledged that parents/caregivers possess a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills and the training programme uses this as the starting point.


Black students account for over 72% of enrolments in higher education, but only a small percentage of them choose Early  Childhood Education (ECE) as a field of study and complete the qualification. The purpose of this study was to examine,  from the perspective of black ECE students, why so few of them enrol in this

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Abstract South Africa has a unique history, in that democracy only came to the country in 1994.   After the 18 years that followed, the challenges facing the country are enormous, due to 60% of children living in poverty, large scale social disintegration, the high rate of crime, and the backlog in teacher development. The new

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Call For Written Submissions From Stakeholder Bodies And Members Of The Public On National Policy For The Provisioning And Management Of Learning And Teaching Support Material

The aim of this paper is to highlight some of the forms of abuse that children, particularly younger children, are exposed to as well as to highlight critical legal frameworks for people working with and caring for them.

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