When your disable is their unable

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When your disable is their unable by Puseletso Vikwane Children are special and every child has their own unique talent. There are many disabled children in South Africa that live a fulfilling and joyous life, but unfortunately there are also a great number of disabled children that live an unfulfilling, miserable life because of their

A Grandchild’s Village Trip

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A Grandchild’s Village Trip By Sam Shakong My grandchild did not have any idea that not only did I live in a village but that I was once a little boy. Why not take her to the village, I said to myself. That way she could gain some perspective on several fronts. I chose her

Meet my imaginary friend

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Meet my imaginary friend By Gladness Nale It was a lovely Sunday afternoon and my daughter Lara aged 4 then, was playing with her favourite doll in the lounging area.  She was chatting happily to herself as I continued preparing the Sunday meal until I heard her shout; “Zinzi, what are you doing?” I stopped

Little Kaboentle

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Little Kaboentle By Puseletso Vikwane Children are the most innocent people in the world. They love everyone and everything! We as parents and care givers are the ones that instill unnecessary fear and doubt in our children’s lives. Whilst some stress is good and can be a safety mechanism, too much stress is not good.

Chronic Illness and Children

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Chronic Illness and Children By Desiree Botha As someone who has had a chronic illness from a very young age, I always look for information on chronic illness in young children. I was in my very early teens when I became sick, so at least I was able to understand what was going on. Yet

Who isn’t Who?

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Who isn’t Who? by Sam Shakong   Small children don’t seem to give two hoots how people are related! They are only interested in who is who rather than who is related to whom and the accompanying irrelevant details. They know grandma and they also know grandpa and I don’t even think they know that

Pocket guide to South Africa (Education)

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In line with government’s mandate to make information accessible to all and bring government closer to the people, Department of Communications (DoC) has published the fifth edition of the Pocket Guide to South Africa. Content of the quick-fact, easy-to-read publication is largely based on information contained in the latest edition of the South Africa Yearbook, which is also

  Published on Mail & Guardian    Annual literacy and numeracy tests for grades one, six and nine aren’t comparable over time or across grades, so talk of improvement is misleading.     I have a love-hate relationship with the yearly publication of the national assessment results. On the one hand I am very proud

Bursaries For Teachers by Funza Lushaka

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The application period for the Funza Lushaka bursary scheme for the 2015 academic year is now open. Bursaries are available to enable eligible students to complete a full teaching qualification or a four-year Bachelor of Education degree (B.Ed.) or a three or four-year Bachelor’s degree followed by a one-year Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).The programme

As the child of a same-sex couple, our daughter is quite often confronted with unusual questions. I’ve been astounded to hear her answer some of these with confidence and aplomb on many occasions. When she was just three, one of her friends asked her why she has two moms. She smirked and said, ‘because I’m

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