Reading + Children = a perfect match in improving SA’s literacy exclaims Lesley!

Neno and Child

Jackie explores the effects of poverty on a child’s social and emotional development and how she and her Cotlands team try to tackle this issue.

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Teaching your child to write involves more than just crayon on paper. Two occupational therapists show us how!

Phillip explores the subject of enriched, inclusive education after much travels and findings.


Nombeko shares the socioeconomic inequalities in early education that rural schools face in the Eastern Cape.

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Gugu explores the great benefits that early learning habits can play in your baby’s development.

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The significance of early child development cannot be stressed enough. Monica gives us her insight on why it is important.

Results from an instomi case study.

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Zuzu and Child

Homeschooling and parenting? Keneiloe tackles both and shows us how.


In the spirit of believing that every week of the year should child protection week everywhere in the world; we are publishing this important blog.

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