Hello Mama!

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Hello Mama! by Puseletso Vikwane. Having a child of your own is an enormous responsibility. The mammoth duty of another human being’s life that is only beginning and you have to guide and nurture that being so that they may grow up to have a beautiful, prosperous life. The anxiety of being a good first

Where do I live?

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By: Family Education               Materials Map of your city, town, or neighborhood   Directions Look for your city, town, or neighborhood on a map. Point out your home’s location and the location of relatives’ and best friends’ homes. Find the school your child will attend and show your child

Play City

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By: Family Education               Materials Markers Large sheet of paper   Directions Using markers on a large sheet of paper, draw an imaginary city big enough for your child’s cars and trucks. Be sure to include some landmarks familiar to your child: bank, grocery store, gas station, park, hospital,

Abstract South African students’ poor mathematics performance on national and international tests can be attributed to the gap the children begin schooling with from different socio economics homes. Wright et al assert that this gap continues to grow the longer students are in school. Early childhood research highlights the significant educational gains of exposing young

Support and empowerment for Foundation Phase teachers This manual has been written with the principles underpinning the primary health care approach of the school health service in mind. It shows clearly the necessary partnership between the Department of Education and the Health and Social Development sectors. The document attempts to ensure that educators are enabled

Who is this guide for?   This guide is written for people working in the Early Childhood Development (ECD) sector and focuses on the parts of the Children’s Act that are most useful for ECD practitioners. In particular, the guide targets: the managers or supervisors of ECD centres, programmes and services; trainers providing training and

Tummy Time

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By: Family Education               Time 5 to 10 minutes Materials None Directions Playing from the tummy position allows for a different view of the world. Although it is recommended that babies sleep on their backs as a precaution against SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), your baby can still benefit

Can you hear me?

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By: Family Education             Time 5 to 10 minutes Materials Large pieces of furniture to hide behind Directions In this variation of peekaboo, you hide behind a piece of furniture. Call your baby by name, grabbing their attention before you pop out. Extensions Play this game by calling from a

Abstract This paper critically reviews what we know about the long-term effects of parental leave and early childhood education programs. We find only limited evidence that expansions of parental leave durations improved long-run educational or labor market outcomes of the children whose parents were affected by them, perhaps because benefits are hard to measure or

Summary   The authors examine black, white, and Hispanic children’s differing experiences in early childhood care and education and explore links between these experiences and racial and ethnic gaps in school readiness. Children who attend centre care or preschool programs enter school more ready to learn, but both the share of children enrolled in these