Touch, cuddle and croon to babies as a first form of communication. When babies cry, you can reassure them with your presence and a comforting, soothing tone. Babies respond the emotions you are communicating through what they see, hear and feel. They react to your sadness, tension, happiness or satisfaction. Be aware that tone and body

Opportunities to investigate physical, life and earth science are everywhere. You don’t have to live on a farm or visit a zoo to see living things. Looking carefully can reveal a variety of insects, mammals, birds and plants in almost every yard or park. How many different kinds of flowering plants or leaves can we

Highlighting the importance of including mathematics vocabulary code cracking as part of the knowledge of content and teaching, which should be addressed within foundation phase teacher preparation programmes.

Phillip explores the subject of enriched, inclusive education after much travels and findings.


Gugu explores the great benefits that early learning habits can play in your baby’s development.

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A search for ways to capture foundation phase children’s competence in mathematics,

This article examines the role preschool teachers could play in mediating self-regulation among preschoolers.

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Brain development by Dorothy McIntyre

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An ongoing neuroscience study regarding the difference between the male and female brain.

Starting Big School by Jackie Schoeman

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Jackie and her passionate Cotlands team look at the importance of Pre-school learning and how it impacts a child’s development in the foundation phase.

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