This policy brief proposes that the education authorities of the national departments of Basic Education (DBE) and Higher Education and Training (DHET) in South Africa adopt measures that will see the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as a means of enhancing education in South Africa. The South African education system has for a

By: Department of Basic Education   Can schools charge registration fees? Can they charge for activities? No registration fees can be charged. Schools must include anything in relation to the attendance or participation by a learner in any programme of a public school in the school fees.   Can school fees be increased during the

ECD Development Policy

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By:   The importance of intervention in ECD Research and literature in the field of early childhood development from birth to six years in South Africa and internationally indicates that the early years are critical for human development. From birth to seven years is a period of rapid physical, mental, emotional, social and moral

2015/2016 School Calendar by DBE

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By: Department of Basic Education 2015 School Calendar for Ordinary Public Schools   PUBLIC AND SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 2015 01 January New Year’s Day 21 March Human Right’s Day 3 April Good Friday 6 April Family Day 27 April Freedom Day 01 May Worker’s Day 15 June School Holiday 16 June Youth Day 09 August National Women’s Day 10

By: Department of Basic Education   Introduction   The prevalence of overweight and obesity in South Africa has risen alarmingly while the problem of under nutrition still exists (Faber and Wenhold, 2006). A study by Mchiza 20102  confirmed this; “Obesity is fast becoming a time bomb in South Africa, especially in poverty-stricken urban areas, where

By: Department of Basic Education   There can be no doubt that the education system has seen major changes since 1994. We are proud of many changes that were ushered in by the advent of democracy. Our country was deeply divided in all spheres, education being one of them. Over the past twenty years, South

By: The Eastern Cape Department of Education   INTRODUCTION: Performance by South African children in both regional (SACMEQ) and international (TIMSS) studies suggests that they are not thinking mathematically. All children must learn to think mathematically and to learn mathematics.   An analysis of the 2012 ANA revealed that learners achieved at 37%. Many learners

By: Pan Children   Policy summary In December 2012 the Department of Performance Monitoring and Evaluation (DPME) in the Presidency in partnership with the Department of Basic Education (DBE) commissioned an Impact Evaluation of the Grade R programme. Through combining various data sources it was possible to create a very large data set of 18102

By: Department of Education   NATIONAL EDUCATION POLICY ACT, 1996 (ACT NO. 27 OF 1996) The Minister of Education, after consultation with each Member of the Council of Education Ministers, hereby give notice in terms of section 3 of the National Education Policy Act, 1996 (No. 27 of 1996) of the admission policy for learners

By: Illifalabantwana   This brief provides an overview of the key findings and recommendations of a national survey of ECD training provided by selected public Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges conducted by Ilifa in 2013. It makes recommendations for developing and improving training opportunities through TVET colleges for a scaled up ECD