By: Department of Basic Education (National Policy Pertaining to the Programme and Promotion Requirements of the NAtionjal Curriculum Staement – Grade r to 12)   (1)          Progression from grade to grade through this phase within the appropriate age cohort should be the accepted norm, unless the learner displays a lack of competence to cope

By: United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organizations   1971: Bernard van Leer Foundation (BvLF) supports development of ECD in Kenya through the Kenya Institute of Education. 1970s: BvLF supports Educare in South Africa, offered through NGOs. 1970s and 80s: Other donors and INGOs come forward in various African countries. 1990: Many African countries are

By: National Institute for Early Education Research   This brief presents the multiple pathways through which early childhood education programmes can contribute to better health, in both the short and long term. The potential health benefits of early childhood education programmes are quite large, especially for children living in poverty.  In this report, authors Allison

By: Department of Basic Education   This Act makes sure that there is a uniform system governing schools. It sets out the laws for governance and funding of schools. The Act recognises that a new national system for schools is needed to redress past injustices, and it supports the rights of learners, educators and parents

Seven Strands of Early Literacy

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By: Wordworks    This policy briefing looks at the skills and understanding that young children need in terms of language and literacy.  The brief starts from the stance that: “From birth, every child should have access to high quality learning opportunities for language, literacy and mathematics. These should be available in all early years settings, including

This document shows that global progress in reducing out of school numbers has stagnated leaving 58 million children out of school, with barely any change since 2007. The paper highlights ways to buck the trend, showing seven policies that have helped reduce out of school numbers in very different settings.

School Enrolment

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Know your rights when enrolling your child to a new school.

Ministar of Education. Angelina Motshekga calls for comments on school holiday proposal.

National School Health Policy and Implementation Guidelines, 2003

South Africa’s Children Act

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This act gives effect to certain rights of children as contained in the Constitution which include: to set out principles relating to the care and protection of children to define parental responsibilities and rights to provide for partial care of children to provide for early childhood development to provide for children in alternative care to