The Department of Social Development is offering funding and assistance with setting up ECD sites. To qualify, organizations must be running ECD centres, including crèches, in their communities and looking after children between the ages of 0 – 6 years.   Guidelines for Applying: 1. Complete an application form for registration as a place of

Integrated School Health Policy

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With nearly 11 million children attending school in 2011, schools provide one of the most effective locations for providing health services to children.   School health services aim to promote the physical, mental and social well-being of learners in order to maximise their learning capabilities. Health services at schools contribute therefore both to the realisation of

Registering an ECD Facility

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If you take care of more than six children (0-6 years) on behalf of their parents or caregivers during specific hours of the day or night, or for a temporary period, by agreement between the parents or care-givers, you can apply for the registration or conditional registration of a partial care facility – Early Childhood

ECD Fundamentals

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The South African National Curriculum Framework for children from Birth to Four   In South Africa, as elsewhere in the world, there is an increasing need to value and support the development and learning of children in the early years. Research shows that the first 1000 days (pre-birth, early and late infancy) of life are highly