By: National Development Agency   The National Development Agency (NDA) wished to gather evidence about the early childhood development (ECD) landscape with the view to making a significant intervention in this sector and commissioned Adjunct Associate Professor Eric Atmore to produce a paper which synthesizes evidence about ECD, taking account of the present situation as

By: Early Learning Resource Unit   Maths is… Majority said: numbers and/or counting including number value, recognising number, calculation and place values. ‘doing sums’ ‘understanding concepts like baie, min’ ‘ easy in Grade R – sorting practically into colour’ ‘all around us, happens in everyday life’ ‘a human activity which consists of problem solving, logic,

By: REPSSI Psychosocial Wellbeing Series   What is psychosocial wellbeing?   “Psychosocial” wellbeing is about the positive connections and supportive relationships between individuals in a community that creates the “social”. It is also about how each person, adult or child, feels and thinks about him or herself and about life (“psycho”). It is often linked

By: Human Development Resource Centre   Part One opens with an introductory chapter by the editors, A. Bame Nsamenang  and Therese Tchombe, in which they point out that waiting for certainty of “perfection”, they might never begin, because there is just no human state of perfection. They overview the state of postcolonial African education, which

The Essential Package

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By: Ilifa Labantwana   This paper aims to provide a definition of the essential components that are required to prevent risks to the health and development of the country’s most vulnerable young children and to promote their growth and wellbeing. Hence Ilifa’s decision to entitle it “The Essential Package”.   The Essential Package shares many

By: National Scientific Council of the Developing Child   The future of any society depends on its ability to foster the health and well-being of the next generation. Stated simply, today’s children will become tomorrow’s citizens, workers, and parents. When we fail to provide children with what they need to build a strong foundation for

By: Early Resource Learning Unit   Despite lip service to the inclusion of local childrearing knowledge and practices in South African ECD programming and a growing focus on diversity, most local models and curriculum guidelines privilege Western child development theory and models of ECD provision. While local and global knowledge will necessarily exist side by

By: UBS Optimus Foundation   In 2013, Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) performed a formative study of the preprimary education sectors in the peri-urban areas of four cities: Accra (Ghana), Johannesburg (South Africa), Lagos (Nigeria), and Nairobi (Kenya). This study launched and sponsored by the UBS Optimus Foundation aims to present descriptive details on access to

The paper Children’s early learning and development sets out the theory and research underpinning children’s early learning and development behind the Framework for Early Learning.

The ECD Emergency Kit

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The ECD Kit was developed in collaboration with UNICEF Early Childhood development Unit and UNICEF Child Protection Section; the kit works to integrate both ECD and psychosocial components for the mental development and well-being of young children who are in emergency situations. What It Is   The ECD Kit is a package containing early-learning, play,