Early childhood is a critical time in human development. Adverse early experiences and exposures are likely to be powerful contributors to ongoing inequality between sectors of the South African population.   As a result of South Africa’s complex social and political history, the most economically disadvantaged communities often have access to the poorest quality services, both

Upgrading of ECD Sites

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A recent Technical Report commissioned by Ilifa Labantwana and conducted by Rowland Watermeyer Architect points to the need to build greater awareness around issues relating to the upgrading of ECD sites.   The design and layout of physical environments where very young children are cared for, play and learn is an important, if neglected, area of

A case for ECD in sub-Saharan Africa   Issues connected with children’s welfare and child development are appearing on national and international agendas with greater promi­nence and frequency. However, the international image of children is becoming increasingly homogeneous and Western-derived, with an associated erosion of the diversity of child contexts.  This essay explores the reasons

Milestones in ECD

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Guidelines for Early Childhood Development Services   ECD services provide education and care to children in the temporary absence of their parents or adult caregivers These services should be holistic and demonstrate the appreciation of the importance of considering the child’s health, nutrition, education, psychosocial and other needs within the context of the family and