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What services do they offer:

  • In order to meet a greater number of children’s needs, Cotlands offers play sessions for birth to six year olds who do not have access to early learning opportunities. Our programmes are based on best practice principles ensuring the holistic development of each of the children we serve.
  • Each two hour early learning session is structured around a routine, creating learning and play opportunities that develop children’s language, mathematical, problem solving, gross motor, fine motor as well as social and emotional skills. Each session also includes a healthy meal for each child.


  • Toy Library


  • Mobile toy library

Other Services

  • Early play learning sessions

Hollard Investment ECD Project (CSI)

What services do they offer:

  • The Hollard Insurance Group established the Hollard Foundation Trust in 2006, from which time Hollard has been supporting the Foundation financially, through employee involvement and volunteering and participation on its Board.
  • We realise the importance for children and society of investing in children’s foundation years (0-9 years old) and so the Foundation’s and our focus is on the health, nutrition and education needs of children in this age group in the Midvaal, a large municipal area south of Johannesburg, providing them with the opportunity to achieve their full potential in life.  This is done via the Kago Ya Bana programme in Midvaal.

Who Qualifies:

Early Childhood Development (ECD)

  • Primary and secondary schools
  • After-school care centers
  • Homes for children infected with HIV/AIDS
  • Healing through the arts child and youth center
  • Streetwise Finance
  • Supports of the annual Rally to Read in partnership with McCarthy and the Read Educational Trust – we have sponsored and participated since 2001


  • No deadlines given
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The Department of Social  Health is one of the departments of the South African government. It oversees  the rights of women , children and people with disabilities in South Africa.

Children’s Rights and Responsibilities

The purpose of CRR is to promote, advocate and monitor the progressive realisation of children’s rights through Government’s policies and programmes.





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