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The Department of Education


The Department of Education is one of the departments of the South African government. It oversees primary and secondary education in  South Africa.

The Nationwide Audit of ECD Provisioning in South Africa

In 2000, the National Department of Education together with the European Union Technical Support Project conducted an audit of Early Childhood Development (ECD) provisioning throughout South Africa. The aim of the Audit was to provide accurate information on the nature and extent of ECD provisioning, services and resources across the country in order to inform and support ongoing policy and planning initiatives in this crucial and expanding sector.

The National Integrated Plan for Early Childhood Development in South Africa, 2004

This document flows from a mandate given to the Social Sector Cluster by the first Cabinet lekgotla of the third democratic Government in May 2004. The mandate was to develop an integrated plan for early childhood development (ECD) and to present it to Cabinet for consideration.

National Protocol for Assessment Grades R-12 Question and Answer Book

The document also provides a policy framework for the management of school assessment, school assessment records and basic requirements for learner profiles, teacher files, report cards, record sheets and schedules for Grades R – 12

ECD Fundamentals

ECD services, which will include children who are 5/6 years old and are outside the school system, will be supported until the school system can adequately accommodate all 5/6 year olds.

Early Childhood Development National Certificates (Vocational)

This document provides the lecturer with guidelines to develop and implement a coherent, integrated assessment system for Early Childhood Development in the National Certificates (Vocational).

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Department of Health

The Department of Social  Health is one of the departments of the South African government. It oversees  heath  issues in  South Africa.

The Integrated School Health Policy 2012

This commitment aims to ensure that children’s rights are upheld, and that provision is made to enable all children to reach their full potential. This is especially important in the formative school years, during which providing special attention to children’s optimal health will improve not only their survival, growth and health, but also their learning outcomes and development.

Operational guidelines for supporting Early Child Development (ECD) in  multi-sectoral HIV/AIDS programs in Africa

This document explains why services that address young children’s needs are essential and how they may be fully integrated within the framework of a national multi-sectoral HIV/AIDS program.

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What services do they offer:

  • We support four community libraries which are open every day and run holiday programmes for children in these remote villages.
  • We also facilitate a home visiting programme to promote child and maternal health and early childhood development.


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Other Services

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