Developing fluency in multiplication and division in the Foundation Phase

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The Foundation Phase Curriculum directorate has developed the following documents to strengthen and support the planning, teaching and assessment of mathematics in the classroom:

  • Teaching number concepts and numeration skills with the use of Flash Cards (2010).
  • Development of a strong sense of number and the role of problems in teaching                 mathematics (2011).
  • Developing fluency in Multiplication and Division in the Foundation Phase (2013).

The results of the 2012 ANA results indicate that learners generally have performed poorly in basic number operations which has the most content as compared with the other content areas and the heaviest weighting (Grade 1 : 65%, Grade 2: 60% and Grade 3: 58% in Mathematics. In view of this we have developed a document to support teachers in the teaching of multiplication and division in the Foundation Phase. It is hoped that this document will provide clarity to teachers on teaching the basic number operations, focusing on multiplication and division in a meaningful and fun filled–manner so as to strengthen the numeracy skills of every learner in the classroom.

It is in this phase that the foundational skills are taught and if the skills are firmly entrenched then the learners will be able to make decisions and solve more complex problems. The activities in the document are adapted to suit the developmental needs of all learners.

It is hoped that both SMTs and teachers will benefit from using this resource material which addresses the pertinent aspects that poses a challenge to teachers in teaching and assessing multiplication and division in the Foundation Phase.


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