The impact of the ECD programme: a case study from Gomadodoa cluster in Nkayi District

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This article draws on a quantitive enquiry on the impact of the ECD programmed in Zimbabwean primary schools. The study adopted the descriptive survey design. The target population included all heads and infant teachers Gomadoda cluster which has an infant teacher population of 70 teachers and heads. The sample consisted of 30 respondents who were made up of 25 females and 5 males. All information was collected through a questionnaire which had both close-ended and open-ended questions. Descriptive statistical analysis was used to interpret the data. The study revealed that all the schools did not have ECD trained teachers. It is also revealed that all of the schools did not have play centres. The study also revealed that both teachers and heads viewed the policy on early childhood development programmers positively but were worried by the weak implementation structures. The study recommends that procurement of ECD materials and provision of qualified personnel should be prioritized.


Keywords: ECD, primary schools, cluster, pre-school, basic education



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