Math Game for Preschool

posted by / Thursday, 19 March 2015 / Published in Activities, Latest posts

By: PBS Parents


This math match game for preschool can be adapted so easily for older kids or as your child develops their math skills.




What you will need:

  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • a muffin tin or cupcake container.
  • washi tape
  • a marker – I used metallic for a little extra awesome!


How to set it up:

  •  Start by taping cutting the card stock into circles that fit in the cups of the tray you are using.
  • Add dots to each circle I did from 1-9
  • Using a permanent marker write the numbers 1-9 ( or however many spots you have in your tray) on the pan/ tray. Don’t worry a little dry erase marker over the permanent marker will take it right off.
  • Add a little washi tape on the top of the circle to make it look like an ornament.


If your child needs help while matching, try these prompts:

  • Can you find the spot with a 2 on it? Now lets see if there is an ornament with 2 dots!
  • Before we start lets read all these numbers.
  • Before we start lets count up all the dots. Instead of doing the activity for the kids these questions help them understand the elements and they will hopefully see the connection and be able to complete the activity happily.