Mobility in Education: can mobile devices support teaching and learning in South Africa?

posted by / Wednesday, 28 January 2015 / Published in ARTICLES, Latest posts

From smart phones to tablets, from Mxit to Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest- mobile technology is rapidly transforming the way we live, study, play and communicate.


Mobile education provides unparalleled access to information, raising the quality of education and enhancing learning outcomes worldwide. Mobile Education or ‘mEducation’ is defined as any technology-enabled learning solution that allows learners to access educational content through internet connectivity. Any portable device – mobile phone, laptop or tablet – can be a tool for mEducation.
Across the globe, digital learning is being embraced by schools and higher institutions of education. In 2012, the Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT) appointed a Professor of Chemical Engineering as their first Director of Digital Learning. In 2011, Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller of Stanford University launched ‘Coursera’, an online platform that partners with top universities across the world to o”er free
courses from leading lecturers.

In 2013, over 23,000 students registered online for just one of these courses. Is this digital revolution relevant in the context of the ongoing education crisis in Africa? Does mEducation have a role to play in resolving South Africa’s education challenges?


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