Information regarding the senior certificate investigation in KwaZulu Natal

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Please note that the KZN Department of Education has already informed   centres whether they have been cleared or blocked.   Centres were   also informed that those candidates whose results have been blocked have the   right to appeal. 


Appeal process

Candidates have been advised to do the appeal in writing.  The   appeal should be directed for the attention of Mrs Sithole: Director –  Assessment and Measurement, and must be e-mailed to the following

Candidates may also   contact the office of Mrs Sithole should they have more questions concerning   the appeal process.  Please contact Mrs V Preethpaul at:  Tel (031)   327 0464/528 or Fax (086) 400 3428.



Candidates who would like to re-register may consult the DBE website   where they will find the necessary information concerning the amended Senior   Certificate with regards to registration as well as other useful information   in preparing for the May / June 2015 examination.   The link at the   DBE is as follows:

Candidates are also advised to visit any of the District offices of   the KZN Department of Education where they will be further assisted with   registration issues.



Contact centre in KZN

For any information regarding the Senior Certificate, candidates are   advised to contact the following office number:     Tel:     (031) 327 0464/528 or Fax (086) 400 3428.  The contact   person is Ms V Preethpaul.  The e-mail address is



Steps taken to address the situation:

  • The DBE has   provided the Senior Management of the KZN Department of education with a   final approved list endorsed by Umalusi concerning those centres that should   release results as well as those centres that should be blocked.
  • In addition, the   DBE has advised the KZN Department of education to set into motion the   process of informing centres regarding this decision and how affected candidates   should appeal their results.
  • KZN Department of   Education has also deregistered all centres that were blocked
  • The DBE has also   advised the KZN Department of Education to establish a website whereby SC   related matters could be posted; in the meantime the DBE website is providing   information to candidates who wish to register for the SC examination



Steps taken to prevent reoccurrence:

  • The DBE will ensure   that all exam centres are duly established and managed by the PED, this will   apply to all nine PEDs.
  • DBE will also   conduct an audit of each of the centres to determine credibility and suitability   for the administering and conduct of the SC examination.


Link: DBE